Get Rid of Ants . . . the Ecofriendly Way

Have you ever wondered how you could get rid of ants without using insecticides?

One summer day as I was walking around the apartment building, I noticed a very unusual thing… there were no ants crawling around. It intrigued me so much that I decided to ask the superintendent how he managed to get rid of ants. That’s when he revealed his secret about how he managed to get rid of ants the natural way. . .

His solution to the ant problem is both inexpensive and very easy to do. He said that his solution was to sprinkle handfuls of  uncooked cream of wheat here and there on the ground wherever he saw ants crawling around.  Apparently you don’t need that much to do the job.  Each ant eats a tiny grain, which expands in its stomach, causing death by bloating.

He added that he would keep checking the spots where he had sprinkled the cream of wheat, and if he could still see ants crawling around but there was no more cream of wheat to be seen, he would sprinkle more of it around the ant infected  area.

The idea is to keep adding cream of wheat  as it disintegrates or gets eaten up  until there are no more ants around the place.  If  the ants reappear, then begin the cream of wheat treatment again.

Apparently ants love raw cream of wheat and they will drag the stuff back to the queen and the colony.  Since the ants cannot digest the cream of wheat, they will bloat and die.

So folks! Cream of wheat is extremely cheap, is very environmentally friendly since it decomposes easily, and is not messy to use . . . just open the bag or box and lightly sprinkle or spread the cream of wheat on the ground where you see ants moving around, and the ants should gradually  “disappear”.  What an easy way to get rid of ants . . . the ecofriendly way!

Why not try it?


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2 Responses to “Get Rid of Ants . . . the Ecofriendly Way

  • 1
    May 2nd, 2010 16:45

    Going to try this one, too!

  • 2
    Nicasio Martinez
    July 7th, 2011 17:07

    I jumped right to putting down plain yellow corn meal (YCM) and immediately some ants, not all, began carrying it back to their colony. Knowing some ants like sweet stuff, I dissolved sugar in water and mixed in YCM. The small minute ants began carrying the sugar mix away immediately. Now, there are these small black ants that seem not interested in plain YCM, sugar sweetened mix, or a mix with the oil from can corn beef. Am I on the rack track here trying to find the right recipe for the different varieties of ants. Anyone who has found successful ways to blend with YCM, I’d appreciate your response. All yesterday and through the night ants have been carrying way the recipes they like… Thanks again for this site and it has provided solutions I’ve searched online for quite some time.
    Hi Nicasio
    I think you’re on the right track; I presume ants are like other animals. Not all of them like the same thing. That was smart of you to dissolve sugar in water for the smaller ants.

    Here’s another product you can use if you don’t need to worry about children or pets. This recipe was given to me by a co-worker whose father was a chemist in a pharmacy during the days when chemists were still around.

    This girl hated any insects that crawl, so when our office was suddenly invaded by a whole bunch of earwigs, she quickly drove down to a pharmacy, bought a container of borax powder and a can of carnation milk. She then made a paste with a little of the concentrated carnation milk and the borax and spread a thin line of that mixture along the bottom of the four walls. I never saw an earwig for the rest of the summer.

    She said that one could also make a small ball with the mixture and use it under shrubs in the garden. However, if there were dogs or small children around, they would quickly grab those balls and possibly put them in their mouth. That would be fatal for both child and dog since borax is acidic.

    Another way to use this borax is to mix it with sugar or icing sugar. You must have more sugar than borax. Since the two are mixed, the ants end up picking up both the borax with the sugar and bringing it to the nest. It’s easy to make,but dangerous for pets and children if they should decide to try eating the sugar too.

    A gardener I know used this mixture to get rid of a whole bunch of ants who had taken over one of his flower beds. There are no more ants around that flower bed.
    Hope this helps.


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