Garden Sprayer I used

Could you please tell me exactly what garden sprayer you used?

I haven’t had any luck with the smaller ones that fit a hose. My apple trees are pretty big (about 20 feet) so even on a step ladder I will need a long spray. Thanks very much for all this useful info…I didn’t manage to get dormant oil on in time and sprayer only sprayed a few feet. Looking forward to trying the natural spray and maybe save a few apples this year and many next. ~ Patricia
Since many people are asking the same question, “What garden sprayer did you use?”, I decided to create a post so that the answer would be readily available in the Category listing (to your right).   First let us look at a garden sprayer which doesn’t work.

What type of garden sprayer should be avoided?

Avoid using a  smaller garden sprayer that fits at the end of a water hose because these containers hold very little, and they are not made for this type of spraying.
Those small garden sprayers are used when you add concentrated powder to the container and then use the hose to mix water with the concentrated powder and disperse this mixture to your plants.

When you put your mixture such as garlic spray into this garden sprayer container and add water to your spray, you are diluting your garlic spray and ruining your mixture. In essence, your spray becomes so diluted that it will not even come close to helping you get rid of bugs or fungi.

What type of garden sprayer is best for this type of spray such as garlic spray?

10 liter garden sprayerI would use a back garden sprayer, one which had straps which made it possible to strap the sprayer to my back.  In addition, at the the top of the tank there is an area which makes it easy to grab and carry. In either case, whether strapped to my back or whether I carried it around with one hand, my other hand would be free to hold the nozzle and direct it in any direction I wanted.

This particular garden sprayer which is sold at Home Depot for $39.95 CAN (July 2011)is an exact replica of the one I used when I  first started spraying.

Here are the specifics taken from Home Depot (and I have found all this information to be true):

RL Flo-Master Pro 3-Gallon Sprayer is a professional-grade, handheld applicator that is easy to fill and easy to clean. The garden sprayer features durable polymer construction for UV resistance with Viton seals and O-rings to provide resistance to chemicals. The webbed-nylon strap adjusts for flexible carrying.

  • 3-gallon capacity
  • Webbed-nylon carrying strap offers adjustability
  • Pump design withstands pressure up to 45 PSI
  • No-tool disassembly for your convenience
  • Multi-function valve for pressure relief
  • Includes 4 nozzles, a 48 in. high-pressure hose, a durable 28 in. wand and a built-in wand retainer

I always chose a garden sprayer which was made of this strong polymer because they were lighter; these types of garden sprayer are usually available at Canadian Tire or Home Depot.

These garden sprayers come in many sizes.  As I got older, I downsized to a smaller garden prayer which would not be so heavy to carry around.

How was the spraying done with the garden sprayer?

To get my spraying done, I would need the following items:  a garden sprayer filled with my mixture and a sturdy, strong 7 ft step ladder.  Sometimes I needed a piece of board to put under the foot of one of the step ladder legs to stop it from sinking into soft soil.

1. First I would spray the underleaf by standing under the branches and pointing the nozzle of my garden sprayer upward to spray as far upwards as I could as I sprayed the bottom part of the leaves (i.e. underleaf).  I would begin with one position to access a certain section of the tree, then shift position as I went to different sections under the tree.  The aim was to spray the under part of every leaf without spraying yourself.  That’s why the spraying had to be done early in the morning before there was wind.

2. Since my next goal was to spray the top of every leaf, I would position my step ladder outside the perimeter of the tree and spray from above the tree if possible.  If the tree was very tall and/or wide, I would spray about 1/4 of the tree at a time, so that meant changing my step ladder 4 times at a different spot around the tree.

3. With my garden sprayer strapped to my back or holding the sprayer with one hand, I would climb to the first level of leaves/fruit, and GENTLY spray the top of those leaves & fruit within reach.  Then I would climb higher on the stepladder and spray another section.  I would continue climbing the stepladder until I had reached the position where I could spray the top of the highest leaf or fruit.

It’s  not necessary to drench the leaves or drown the fruit.  You definitely don’t want to ruin your crop or ruin your leaves by using a jet spray.  You want to use  a GENTLE light spray which will not damage your tree leaves or the fruit.     Finally don’t waste by overspraying.

I could usually spray at least one whole tree with one filling of the sprayer…sometimes two trees depending on how tall they were.

And …yes you need to spray every part of the tree, top and bottom of the leaves and even the trunk where larvae might be lurking especially when doing the first spraying in the spring

4. The last and very important part is to thoroughly clean your garden sprayer with your hose.   Normally the garden sprayer which I used to spray my fruit tree spray could be easily cleaned with the water from the hose.  However, if I sprayed with the natural sulfur/oil mixture, I had to use warm water to clean out the oil.  That is why I hated using that oil/water mixture as explained in the post.

If you  need more explanation on how to use a garden sprayer, click how to spray fruit trees step by step found at the organicvegetablegardeningguideblog.

Even though the spray is different, the way to use the garden sprayer is the same.


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