Mosquito Control – Experimenting with Garlic Spray

Have you ever used garlic spray to get rid of mosquitoes?

In the comments below the article “Garlic Spray Recipe,  Nicasio Martinez, who lives in the Philippines,  had written that he would use the garlic spray to get rid of   mosquitoes that carry the dengue fever (also known as yellow fever according to Wikipedia) which kills many children.

He said that by using the Garlic Spray Recipe, he  had  developed an outdoor house, lawn, and garden spray which did get rid of mosquitoes in his home.  In his closing sentence he had added the following: “I’m looking forward to promoting the Garlic Spray as a means to attack mosquitoes that carry dengue fever– killing more children each year than adult” ( 2011/07/07  Comment section under post article “Garlic Spray Recipe”)

Well that sentence caught my attention!

I started wondering, “How can the garlic spray recipe (GSR) help him  get rid of mosquitoes?”

so I asked Nicasio if he would mind explaining how he was hoping to do that.   I was fascinated by his answer!

My instant thought was to create a post with this information.  Why?

1)  So that other people who would be interested in helping  Nicasio find a way to get rid of mosquitoes which spread dengue fever would more readily see the information .  (As you know, not all people read the comments below the article.) and. . .

2)  perhaps other people might also decide to use this diluted garlic spray concentrate to get rid of mosquitoes in lawns or to get rid of other bugs such as grasshoppers.

Hopefully Nicasio keeps me updated, and in turn, with his permission, I will place his progress  in this post.  My greatest hope is that someone will come along and help him develop an affordable spray — a garlic spray based one?.

If he does find an inexpensive method/spray that helps people  get rid of mosquitoes, many children will be saved.

Here’s Nicasio’s  original comment on how he plans to get rid of mosquitoes with this garlic spray concentrate:

2011/07/13 at 7:53 am

Indoor   Mosquito Control w/garlic spray– diluting the garlic concentrate, to   spray the entire length of horizontal ceiling joints, and vertical wall   joints, floor to ceiling, and around ceiling light fixtures, there is  no  longer signs of mosquito infestation in our house.

Using garlic spray to get rid of mosquitoes such as the Aedes Aegypti which likes the indoorsBefore using the   garlic spray, we would look up and see possibly hundreds of mosquitoes   hovering in brightly lit areas of our kitchen. I sprayed, throughout  the  house, behind and under refrigerators, tables, chairs, shelving,  where  ever mosquitoes would rest or hide out of sight. Outside I  sprayed all  windows and door areas, the entire porch area, and believe  me I found  this to be true– “Mosquitoes do not gather in fields of  garlic;” or in  homes where a garlic base spray is used.

“The scent of  the garlic  disappears but the repelling nature lasts. All this is  experimental on  my part– but this first week has proven, garlic  water-based spray repels  mosquitoes.

I am hoping someone with a  chemistry background will join  this venture and we could develop a  spray that would be affordable

especially to those who live in Shanty  Communities (light material  homes) here in the Philippines….

“At this  time I am not spraying water,  but in high concentrations I believe it  will kill adult mosquitoes and  their larvae. Mosquitoes are very fragile  insects. In the past I’ve used  dish washing detergent and water to kill  them. ~ Nicasio Martinez


Update 1: Get Rid of Mosquitoes with garlic spray

2011/07/20 at 8:04 pm

“Two weeks have passed and I’ve resisted respraying outdoors and indoors. It’s amazing and true!  When probing areas where I know mosquitoes would gather in the house, unlike before– none fly out. ‘Zero!’ Our windows, doors, and porch areas are not (yet) screened. Usually you find at least one or more mosquitoes on the net we have around our bed– none! The garlic odor dissipates in a short time. We are a family of garlic lovers, so this has not been a problem in our household.

For indoors, adding a small amount of liquid dish-washing detergent with the diluted water recipe in a small bottle hand sprayer will kill mosquitoes on contact.

One new step I’ve incorporated — using the strained particles of the garlic bulb poured from the blender, I put them in a clear  plastic gallon container filled with water and let it sit in the sun for one or more days. This I pour into the concentrate mixed already blended and store in a five gallon container. This gives me a mix of almost five gallons in all.

This is experimental on my part and in no way do I advise anyone else to do as I do. Hopefully someone with a chemistry background will join this dialogue. This may prove to be the most economical way to control mosquitoes, especially for poor families here in the Philippines.  ~Nicasio Martinez


Update 2:  Get Rid of Mosquitoes with garlic spray

2011/07/21 at 2:11 pm

Update and Thanks– It’s working! Resisting for two weeks, spraying indoors and outdoors, there were no mosquitoes in places where they usually rest or hide.

Thursday AM,  22 July , 2011, I sprayed, for the second time, indoors. The first spraying was 7 July, explained in detail in the 13 July post. In the bedrooms, no mosquitoes. The kitchen doors and windows are usually open during the day, and I flushed out (what I saw) no more than three mosquitoes. We rent this house and have not decided to invest in screens. This makes a good test for using the garlic spray recipe. It’s working.

Today, Friday, I will spray outdoors as detailed in the 13 July post.

Marcie- thanks for creating…..ray– It’s working!~ Nicasio Martinez


Update 3:  Get Rid of Mosquitoes with garlic spray

2011/10/06 at 8:00 pm
Karina wrote:
Thanks so much for posting this information and for the comments below. I was looking for something to get rid of the mosquitoes in my veggie garden when I read Nacasio’s post on using the spray on his house. We have a major problem with mosquitoes already this year and it is just coming into summer here in New Zealand. So I have already made up the spray and have sprayed around the windows of the whole house and outside in the garden. Can’t wait to see the results.

One question for Nacasio though – did you wipe the spray on the walls and ceiling with a cloth or just spray everywhere?

Thanks for the awesome information.

Hi Karina

I hope the spray is working for you as well as it did for Nicasio.

In his comments, Nicasio said that he sprayed so that he could reach the corners where mosquitoes nested.

Hopefully Nicasio sees your comment. He will be so pleased that someone else is trying the same experiment.
He would definitely like to know how you fared out.

Thank you for commenting.


Update 4:  Get Rid of Mosquitoes with garlic spray

2011/10/17 at 1:23 am
Nicasio responds to Karina:

Karina– (Nicasio)– is the spelling of my name :) … Indoors I adjust the spray nozzle, on a small spray bottle, to a fine mist, spraying along the continuous length of ceiling and wall corners– ceiling to floor. (The indoor spraying is effective for long periods of time which I repeat only if I see a build up of mosquitoes in their known resting places. I do not apply or wipe interior areas with a cloth.

My July 13, 2011 comment above gives more detail for additional spray areas. At you will learn of a commercial garlic based product that I would love to introduce to the Philippines or get assistance to develop a garlic based product here in the Philippines where more children than adults die from dengue fever. Garlic is a produce grown here.

Glad to see a response to my experimenting with a natural garlic base product.

Thank you for responding so quickly to Karina’s question. She will be happy to get your response.

I went over to the website and read about their garlic spray. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if people in the Philippines somehow got access to this product or something like it. On a small scale they could use the watered down homemade garlic spray inside and for outside use it full strength. They could add the canola oil and the liquid soap to treat still water.

I was amazed to read that this “mosquito barrier” liquid, which is almost pure garlic liquid, can get rid of  not only mosquitoes but also grasshoppers, ticks, fleas, gnats, and even fire ants. The best part is that it is not toxic to animals, people, or the environment. Gosh, I am almost as excited as you are at the possibility that some day people in the Philippines,  or other hot countries such as new Zealand, can get rid of mosquitoes and thus eliminate the dengue fever caused by mosquitoes once and for all.



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4 Responses to “Mosquito Control – Experimenting with Garlic Spray

  • 1
    May 20th, 2012 19:44

    So has anyone ever tied the Garlic pray on flies or miller moths??? We actually feed our horses a special mix for flies and it so works!
    Hi K
    No one has ever written to say they have tried the Garlic spray on flies or miller moths. However, your comment of what you feed your horses intrigues me

    Would you mind elaborating by explaining what your recipe is? Is it all homemade ingredients?

    I am really curious, so I am hoping to hear from you.
    If you prefer not to give it publicly as a comment, just send it to and mention that you prefer to keep it private.

    Thank you


  • 2
    John Paul Copeland
    May 25th, 2012 08:51

    I live in swampy area surrounded by three ponds and a river in Eastern Ontario. I add a few tablespoons of yogurt to each pond and a quiet spot in the river every three weeks. This seems to help. The yogurt blooms in the lactic acid in the ponds and then dies. This blooming is supposed to inhibit the growth of baby mosquitoes. I have lived here 38 years and this method does work. There are still times of the day when the mosquitoes are out but in few numbers. It takes a few summers to see strong results.
    I have also had success with blackflies with special mineral mixes that inhibit the off gassing of the soil to get the blackfies airborn.
    Hope this helps,

    Hi John Paul

    Thank you for the explanation. I like the fact that you do a lot of experimenting with eco-friendly products. This particular method for nipping the problem by getting rid of baby mosquitoes is especially easy to carry out. I will transfer this idea to a post which will be more visible to searchers.

    You mention fighting black flies by using a special mineral mix that inhibits the off gassing of the soil to get the blackflies airborn. That is most interesting.
    Is it possible for you to share that recipe with us also?

    I really appreciate your input.
    Thank you

  • 3
    clint mcivor
    June 8th, 2012 12:50

    how bout this. I did not plant potatoes this year because i have had a infestation of flea beatles for the past 2 years as well as the seasonal misquitoes. Also, there seems to be more black flies or sand flies as they call them down south. I live in the shuswap area of British Columbia. What i am trying this year is to mix up a 45 gallon barrel of garlic, soap and neem oil. Then use my pressure washer to distribute on fine spray. It will not clog up and I can cover the whole property with the wife driving the pick up slowly. The least I hope for is a decent buffer zone. Instead of the hassle of chopping garlic I use galic paste, it blends way better and is quicker by far. Made by AKI’s an 8.8 ounce jar contains garlic, vinegar, salt and sodium benzoate, sells for about 3 and a half bucks. let you know how it all turns out.

    clint mcivor

  • 4
    Nicasio Martinez
    August 10th, 2015 16:58

    I am back, have moved, and troubled less by mosquitoes at new residence. But, grasshoppers are many this year, and will get busy with the non-rising flour option. Still use the garlic spray option too. Will let you know my progress this season. Thanks for the tips you provide.

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