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Can Drain Flies Come Through An Air Conditioner?

Flies can enter through any gap they can find, and an air conditioning vent is a perfect entry point, especially if it wasn’t installed correctly in the first place. The issue with moth flies is that they can get into places where other insects cannot. It may be a potential entry point if anything in your home isn’t properly sealed and has access to the outdoors.

Do drain flies really come from your air conditioner? Will they travel through the air ducts into other rooms of your house?

Yes, drain flies can enter your home through an air conditioning system. They may access parts of your home you thought would never be accessible for a fly, by using the air conditioner as a means to access.

Air conditioners that are fitted into windows can also be prone to drain fly invasion. These air conditioning methods are great for cooling down a house but can come with unexpected weak points for pests such as drain flies to enter.

Can Flies Enter Through AC?

Flies are capable of entering your home through even the tiniest cracks and holes. There is no place that’s safe from these pests, not even your air conditioning vents. Most flies are attracted to light, so if you have an uncovered window near your AC unit or a window with faulty screens, it will be easy for them to get inside.

Even if your AC is located in the garage, it’s still possible for flies to get inside. The same issue with screens that allow bugs into your home can also allow them into your HVAC system.

Can drain flies come through an air conditioner?

How To Stop Flies Entering Your Air Conditioning System

Check the Sides of Your AC

If you think that your air conditioner units are causing a gaping hole in the side of your home, it’s time to check them out. These gaps can be potential entry points for flies and other insects. If you have one, get it fixed immediately. These gaps can also be entry points for moisture which is something flies feed on.

If you aren’t sure if they are potential entry points, take time to do an inspection of them today. If you find any issue with the sealant or there isn’t any at all, contact a professional immediately to get it fixed. Flies will definitely use these gaps to get in when they see the opportunity.

Some of the most common entry points for pests are gaps underneath the unit where pipes and wires enter from inside your walls, as well as access holes along the exterior side of your home for cabling and wiring.

If there are no holes, the drain flies will be unable to get through the AC unit. If you notice that they are coming from that direction, it’s possible that the device isn’t properly sealed. You must make certain that the air conditioner is properly installed in order for it to fit your window size or wall.

Tighten Your AC Seal

There may be no visible cracks around your air conditioner, but that does not negate the fact that the device’s sides are fully sealed. There must be a tight seal all around the device to ensure that nothing enters. You could discover a tiny gap where drain flies can enter when you check it.

Once you find the gap, you can apply caulk or some weather stripping material around it to seal any possible entry points. You should also consider having a professional come and inspect your air conditioner unit. A gap may be so small that it is not even noticeable and needs a trained eye to detect and fix it.

drain fly side view

Check Your Drain Fly Problem is Fixed

If you have no issues with insects entering your home, make sure to keep it that way. Continue checking your AC unit every month for any possible entry points and fix them immediately if they are present.

On the other hand, if you did have a visible drain fly problem and discovered entry points around your AC system, you may want to monitor the situation after you have fixed this to ensure they don’t return.

It’s impossible to tell if moth flies are coming through the air conditioner all of the time. There are other methods of entry, they may even have got in when you opened the front door or window.

Does it seem like the air conditioner is the problem?

A surefire way of monitoring this issue would be to buy some fly stickers and hang them near the AC. When drain flies or other small flies enter, the first thing they’ll notice is the fly sticker and be trapped.

You can then monitor this fly sticker and if you haven’t caught any flys for a few days it’s safe to say your drain fly AC problem is solved.

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