What Essential Oils Kill Aphids?

Do you have plants and flowers in your backyard, and you treat them just like your babies? Plants might not be responsive like your pets, but they have many mood-boosting benefits and are perfect companions to help combat loneliness. 

However, like any other living thing on this earth, plants have predators who are after them now and then. 

What Are Aphids? 

Aphids are small and creepy insects that suck all the nutrients and sap from a plant, damaging its leaves and other essential parts. Besides, these bugs excrete honeydew that grows on plants, giving growth to a mold that impairs photosynthesis and promotes fungal diseases. 

It is safe to say that aphids are one of the biggest enemies of plants, as they multiply pretty quickly, creating a strong army against your leafy babies. However, there is always a way to get rid of these bugs before they damage and deform all your plants

If you are dealing with an aphid infestation, this article will help you explore some essential oils that can keep these insects at bay. So, dig in without further ado. 

Can Essential Oils Help You Get Rid of Aphids?

Many gardeners use essential oils to eliminate most bugs and insects, often invading plants and flowers. And there is also a range of oils that can help deter and aphids. Some essential oils can also kill these bugs if used appropriately. 

Below is the list of essential oils that can help keep the bugs away from your plants. 

Coriander Oil

Extracted from the seeds of coriander, coriander oil has many benefits for humans, such as it helps improve your digestion system and reduces skin inflammation. Moreover, it saves plants from aphids, who can’t bear the smell and taste of this oil. 

Lavender Oil 

Lavender oil is one of the most effective essential oils to keep aphids away from your plants. Aphids dislike the pungent aroma of this oil and so run away from plants sprayed with this substance. 

Fennel Oil 

Again, fennel oil has a strong aroma that aphids can’t tolerate. This is an excellent remedy to keep your plants safe from these bugs. 

Peppermint Oil

Not only aphids, but peppermint oil also keeps other insects and dangerous pests at bay. This essential oil also works great against lice, thanks to its strong smell that almost all pests hate. 

Clove Oil

This essential oil has an active substance called eugenol. The component works effectively as a fast-acting insecticide against aphids, mites, and even spiders. 

Whichever essential oil you choose to use, make sure to mix it with some soap or water before using. This dilution is imperative to prevent your plant from any damage. 

Essential oils

How to Make Your Own Essential Oil Spray?

As stated above, an essential oil only works wonders in a diluted form. So, if you want to apply any of the oils mentioned in the list above, make sure to prepare its spray first. 

The procedure is pretty simple. Take a spray bottle, and add four to five drops of each essential oil, such as oregano, lavender, and peppermint. Then add two liters of water and shake.

Diluting this mix is essential as a concentrated essential oil mix can damage the stems and leaves of your plants. 

Once the spray is ready, you can use it directly on your plants. 

Make sure to monitor the plants after they have been sprayed. Again, this step is imperative to detect any possible damage. 

Moreover, also check whether the spray has worked effectively against aphids or not.  

Why Should You Use Essential Oils to Deter and Potentially Kill Aphids?

Many people often consider using essential oils instead of insecticides to keep aphids at bay. There are many reasons for this. 

Environmentally Safe

One of the best qualities of essential oils is that they are much safer to use and don’t harm the environment. In addition, they are usually extracted from the roots, seeds, or leaves of the plants, making them all natural. 

When selecting an essential oil for your plants, make sure to use a high-quality product only. It should be additive-free and must also be safe for humans and pets. 


Another benefit of essential oils is that they are gentle. They don’t harm the environment when sprayed, and they also have little or no impact on the roots and leaves of the plants. Simply ensure to use as much oil as required and don’t exceed the suggested quantity, even if you can’t witness any change. 

Easily Available  

Essential oils are readily available from the most common stores near your home. This makes it easy for you to access and use them as soon as needed. 

Can Essential Oils Kill the Eggs of Aphids?

Some essential oils are potent and can kill aphids, but do they have any impact on the eggs of these bugs? Aphid eggs are usually found on a leaf’s underside. So, if you spray that side with your chosen essential oil, you may easily kill the larvae and stop the hatching process. 

This strategy helps control aphid infestation and also scare these bugs from invading that plant again. 

Are There Any Essential Oils that Aphids Like?

Fortunately, there are no essential oils that aphids get attracted to. However, since aphids like fruits, an essential oil that uses the scent of fruits may become the favorite of these bugs. 

So, if your essential oil mixture smells like peaches, cherries, and pears, know that it won’t work well in deterring these bugs. 

Final Takeaway

Aphids are annoying insects that can easily suck the life out of your precious plants. So, to keep them away, there is no better natural method than using essential oils. The good thing is that there are many oils that can deter aphids and other pests from ruining your plants. 

However, very few of these oils can kill these bugs. So, if you want to kill aphids, make sure that your essential oils are of good quality and appropriate quantity so they can do the deed. 

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