What Kills Roaches in Your Home Instantly?

Have you ever spotted a cockroach in your house, and its existence was enough to make your skin crawl? If yes, you are not alone. 

Unfortunately, roaches are the most common creepy crawlies in every other household. However, while they don’t bite, they can cause many skin allergies and also trigger asthma symptoms in some people. Moreover, their feces is pretty smelly and can take over your house in a few days. 

Therefore, getting rid of roaches is essential, but how? Worry not, as this article will help you guide through this problem. So, dig in and explore various ways to instantly get rid of cockroaches from your home. 

Different Types of Roaches

Before we find a solution, it is imperative to know the species of roaches invading your house. Interestingly, there are around 4,500 types of roaches in this world right now, but your home may not have all of them. 

Most species don’t even like invading human houses, but a few don’t mind settling under your shelter. For instance, German cockroaches are commonly found in many homes in the USA. These roaches breed quickly and love to feed on human food and water. 

You may also spot some Brown-banded roaches, usually found on your refrigerator or television walls. These roaches love warm places but hate water, so you may probably find them in moist-free spots. 

American cockroaches are pretty giant roaches and again belong to a common species of roaches. They can live up to two years, and hence spotting them is easy, but removing them is a task. 

german cockroach

If you have any of the above roaches in your house, know that getting rid of them is necessary. Otherwise, you may face an infestation. 

But how do cockroaches enter your home anyway? Does somebody welcome these uninvited guests unintentionally, or do they make their way on their own?

How Do Roaches Enter Your House?

If you hate roaches, the chances are that you might be doing everything to keep these creatures at bay. But if they are still arriving in your house, there might be certain things that you may be doing wrong. 

For instance, are you keeping your food dishes dirty for a long time? Is your trash basket always full before you decide to dump it? Moreover, are there any leaky pipes in your bathroom that constantly flow water?

Here are three important things that attract roaches, and if you have these in your home, you might be welcoming the creepy creatures yourself. 

Food Sources

Do you know that cockroaches are omnivores, meaning they can consume anything they find? So, if there are dirty plates in your sink or your pet leaves food particles on the floor, roaches might spot them and make their way inside your house to curb their hunger. 

Also, roaches can get into your drain pipes where there might be many stuck food particles. Food parts may find it hard to flow through if you don’t clean your drainage system regularly, allowing roaches to feed on them. 


Roaches are living creatures, and they require water to survive and thrive. So, if you have leaked faucets and pipes in your home, know that cockroaches may find a way to enter your home. 

cockroach on water


You will most probably find cockroaches in the dark spots of your home. For instance, they might be staying under your dishwasher or behind a sofa. Moreover, they are also found in bathrooms and under your washing machine. 

Roaches love a warm and dark environment so you may spot them in your attic or basement. These spots work best as a home for them, ensuring safety from other creatures who might eat them up. 

When it comes to finding a home, cockroaches may also settle down in your yard. Things such as gutters and flowerpots make a good shelter for them, and food such as fruit plants and bird seeds are perfect for fulfilling their appetite. 

There are many ways in which roaches crawl inside your home. Here are a few. 

  • Cockroaches can squeeze their bodies and easily pass-through holes and cracks in your doors or windows. Alternatively, if you or your pets keep your doors open at all times, cockroaches might see that as an opportunity to enter your shelter. 
  • Roaches hide in backpacks or suitcases present in your home. So, if there is a cockroach in your car, it may enter your bag from there, making its way into your house.
  • If you have gutters right outside your home, the chances of cockroaches entering your house increase manifold. 

So, even if you try a lot, the possibility of finding this creature in your home is relatively high. However, instead of panicking, it is best to find a solution to get them out of your house. After all, you built your home for yourself, not for these pests. 

In the next part of this article, let’s explore natural and chemical remedies to eliminate these roaches from your life and make your house a clean home again. 

Getting Rid of Roaches Naturally

Since your house might have kids and pets, you may want to use some natural methods to get rid of roaches. After all, these solutions are less harmful and comparatively safe for kids around. 

Use Natural Oils

According to impressive research, natural oils can prove quite effective against roaches. While some repel these pests, others kill them depending on how much you can use them around your house. They aren’t as toxic as commercial insecticides; these oils are still effective killers at times. 

If you want to kill a cockroach, make sure that the concentration of the oil is pretty high. And most importantly, the quality of your essential oil is up to the mark. 

Many different types of natural oils have destructive properties. For instance, peppermint, cinnamon, thyme, rosemary, and clove oil are powerful and can kill cockroaches in hours. 

You have the option to make your own cockroach killer spray at home. But if that’s not possible, you can get the Brooklyn Botany peppermint oil to do the job. 

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Diatomaceous Earth

If you are looking for a practical yet natural insecticide, the Diatomaceous Earth is an excellent remedy. It is made of fossilized algae and is quite dehydrating and sharp. 

Whenever a cockroach comes in contact with this substance, Diatomaceous Earth dehydrates its exoskeleton, causing its death within minutes. This affordable remedy is also safe to apply in a home with kids and pets. However, Diatomaceous Earth does create a mess, and you will probably have to reapply it twice to witness your desired results. 

Baking Soda

Another instant way to get rid of roaches is by using baking soda as a remedy. The substance is already present in your pantry, and you may not have to struggle to buy a bottle. Besides, it is non-toxic and highly effective. 

Place baking soda in places with high roach activity. Cockroaches can’t digest this soda and thus damage their stomach, resulting in death. 

However, when using baking soda to get rid of roaches, keep in mind that the procedure can get messy. Moreover, allow your pets to stay away from it. 

Soapy Water

As much as cockroaches love moisture, soapy water is their worst enemy. Why? 

Soap, when sprayed, can block the microtubules of roaches, which they use to breathe. When these tubes are blocked, roaches feel suffocated and eventually die.  

This remedy is pretty easy to curate. In a spray bottle, mix water and detergent and shake it well. Once the mixture is ready, spray it on every cockroach. 

While this method can instantly kill roaches that you may spot, it doesn’t eliminate those bugs who might be hiding for you. And that is why this remedy is quite temporary. 

Sticky Traps and Baits

One of the most used ways to trap giant roaches is setting traps in different parts of your house. Sticky cardboard traps don’t kill bugs instantly, though, but they can accomplish this job within a night. 

The best way to use a trap is to hide it in the most prominent spots. For instance, please keep it in the dark areas around your home that are both moist and warm. You can also place the traps under your refrigerator, behind your dishwasher, or close to the pipes in your bathroom sink. 

Alternatively, you can also purchase bait for this task. Baits are often food particles made with insecticides that help kill roaches within minutes. 

One of the best things is that the effects of bait can be easily passed on to other cockroaches, killing the entire army of pests in a short time. In addition, you can easily buy a trap with bait from various online stores, like the Combat roach killing bait which is both child-resistant and helps kill the roaches with bait and trap both. 

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Boric Acid 

Boric acid and cockroaches don’t get along together, so you can always use the former to eliminate the latter in your house. Boric acid is a natural compound that sticks to the wings and legs of roaches. Moreover, when ingested by these pests, the acid destroys the digestive and nervous systems of the bugs, killing them instantly. 

Place a paper plate with butter and boric acid in the most suspected area. Roaches will get attracted to the food and eventually consume the lethal acid. 

When using this compound, keep your kids and pets away. Moreover, be prepared to perform the remedy several times before seeing any difference. 

Lemon Oil 

Lemon oil repels roaches because of its citrus taste. So, you can benefit from this property by adding lemon oil to water and rubbing your floors with the solution. This remedy doesn’t kill roaches; however, it does deter them for some time and kicks them out of your home. 

Killing Roaches Through Chemicals

You might also have roaches in your backyard or front lawn. And while you may not want to use chemicals inside your house, using them outside is perfectly fine. 

You can spray a good-quality pesticide in your backyard and around your house. The good thing about pesticides is that they are long-lasting. Additionally, they can kill roaches instantly on first contact. 

While using a pesticide, ensure to wear your goggles and gloves, as they can be very toxic. Additionally, keep your pets and kids away from the yard for some time. 

cockroach dead on its back

How to Stop Roaches to Enter Your House In the First Place 

Managing and killing roaches after they have entered your house is quite challenging. So, the best way is to prevent their entry in every way possible. Here are some ways in which you can do that. 

  • Keep your house clean at all times. Look for dark spots and regularly clean them for water residues or food particles. 
  • Ensure that the kitchen sink is cleaned every day and all the dishes are washed as soon as you are finished eating your food. 
  • Wipe your floors with kid-friendly detergents at least twice every week. 
  • Look for any leakages in your pipes or faucets. Similarly, seal any gaps or holes in your windows and doors. 
  • Clean your lawn or backyard at least once every month. Limit all kinds of water sources and remove wood piles as soon as possible. If you have trash cans right outside your home, make sure their covers are properly secured. 
  • Finally, check everything that enters your house, from your bags to containers. If a suitcase has been lying in your car for so long, remove its contents outside the house before bringing it in. 

Final Takeaway

Roaches are unbearable; there, we said it for you. If you hate them too, make sure to take the above measures and get rid of them instantly. 

If none of the remedies prove effective, you might be living in a cockroach-infested zone, and the best way to deal with it is to call experts. The professionals will inspect the area before applying their preferred treatment against these bugs. 

As long as these pests are out of your home, your shelter is a safe and disease-free place for you. So, without any delays, take action as required. 

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