What Temperature Kills Cockroaches?

Cockroaches have a reputation for being indestructible, however, their precise temperature requirements prove that these pesky animals require very specific living conditions to survive and thrive. 

Roaches are highly sensitive to temperature changes, both hot and cold, and can go into shock quite quickly. Anything below 45°F or above 115°F is considered uninhabitable for a cockroach.   

Keep in mind, cockroaches can acclimate to temperature changes so any adjustment should be done so quickly. Sure, these atomic bomb surviving insects can withstand 900 times their body weight but suddenly changing their temperature is enough to eliminate any type of pesky roach within seconds! 

What is a Cockroach’s Ideal Temperature?

Cockroaches thrive in any environment with temperatures between 75°F and 85°F which means roaches love the same environments that humans do! Just like humans, cockroaches will resort to our homes when the weather gets too intense. That is why you see cockroaches crawling around your home in the hotter months and in the winter months!  

These hard-shelled insects simply want to evade drastic weather and maintain a stable, warm temperature where they can repopulate and infest. As long as the roach has the moisture they need, a cockroach will be more than happy to stake out the weather changes in your cool kitchen during the summertime or under your warm bathroom sink during winter. 

The cockroach’s ability to adapt is what keeps these cold-blooded creatures alive in drastic weather conditions! Their ideal environment does not have to be an unclean, cluttered, dump, either. A tidy house is just as much at risk for a cockroach infestation thanks to the cockroach’s ability to acclimate.

Why Does Temperature Matter to Cockroaches?

Despite their indestructible reputation, drastic temperatures are a cockroach’s only weakness. There are numerous reasons why temperature kills cockroaches including the way moisture is absorbed through hot air and how low temperatures cause an inability to breed. 

In any case, these reasons are why temperature matters to cockroaches: 

Are Cockroaches Coldblooded?

Believe it or not, cockroaches are cold-blooded animals. That means their environment has a significant impact on their body temperature. This also means that they cannot automatically regulate their temperature so when they are put into brutally hot situations, they will be unable to cool themselves unless alleviated by some sort of assistance. 

This is why cockroaches are so vulnerable to drastic temperature changes. As cold-blooded animals, they cannot adjust their temperature. 

Do Cockroaches Require Sustainable Temperatures?

Roaches are sensitive to sudden temperature fluctuations, adjusting the temperature suddenly below 45° or raising it to a temperature exceeding 115°F will lead to instant shock. Typically, cockroaches can acclimate to their surroundings but when sudden heat adjustments are included then they cannot make that adaptation.  

Additionally, when cockroaches are kept outside of their normal 45°F-115°F temperature range, cockroaches no longer mate which means they are no longer infesting. Staying within their proper temperature parameters is important to cockroaches because it means that they can comfortably mate and reproduce. 

For anyone that is experiencing a roach infestation, you can raise or lower the temperature of your environment accordingly to prevent the spread of roaches. 

Do Cockroaches Need Moisture?

These creepy insects absorb the moisture from the air which means they rely on a moisture-rich environment. When temperatures begin to plummet, leftover moisture in the air might freeze and similarly, in high heat, moisture can dry up. 

When a cockroach is deprived of moisture, it will become dehydrated and essentially dry up! It is fatal and a great way for exterminating these aggravating insects.

What temperature kills cockroaches?

What Temperature Kills Cockroaches? 

Both the heat and the cold will kill cockroaches. However, the shift in temperature must be drastic and cause shock to kill the roach. The main goal is not just to change the temperature, it is to cause physiological shock because of the sudden temperature shift!  

Even though roaches are resilient creatures, they can be fought off with radical temperature changes. It is by far the easiest way to rid yourself of a full-on cockroach infestation!  

Can Cockroaches Survive the Cold?

Anything 15 degrees Fahrenheit or below is lethal to cockroaches. Any temperature that is 40 degrees Fahrenheit and below is also lethal, however, not just to the singular roach. Since the temperature becomes inhospitable for mating, the roaches can no longer infest! This means the cold is a powerful combative tool and preventative measure for fighting infestations.  

If you catch the case early enough, it can be used to treat the cockroach infestation immediately and stop it before it spreads elsewhere. Cold can also be used in ice-boxing situations like placing an infested piece of furniture outside in the middle of winter when it is below freezing.  

If leaving your furniture or other items out in freezing temperatures is unavailable or the infestation is structural, you can use CO2 cans to fumigate items and create instant shock! Remember, cockroaches are excellent at adapting to their surroundings. So, if you slowly cool a room over time, then you are giving the roaches time to acclimate. 

Can Cockroaches Survive the Heat? 

Cockroaches cannot survive hot temperatures which is why they go into shock if they are exposed to high heat. Just check out the dozens of dead cockroach bodies who did not make it indoors this season! 

Heat is intense, demanding, and lethal which is why it is such a great tool for combating these troublesome bugs! Any temperature above 115 is deadly for cockroaches and will immediately send a shock to the nervous system. 

Remember, heat changes must be drastic so that the roaches do not have time to adjust and acclimate to the new temperature. It is not necessarily the temperature that kills them, it is the shock because their cold-blooded system cannot adjust! 

How do I Get Rid of My Cockroach Infestation? 

There are many ways to kill roaches like using entotherm heat treatments, for instance! In the case of gradual temperature adjustment, cockroaches can survive very drastic temperatures which is why you must be strategic when planning your temperature takedowns. 

Can I Kill Cockroaches by Freezing Them? 

Presented the opportunity, you can certainly kill cockroaches by freezing them. In fact, freezing cockroaches is a plausible option for preventing an infestation however, it takes ample work and because of their immense speed, it is likely that you will not be able to catch them unless you already have the infested item.  

Furthermore, this task can be tiresome. However, if you would prefer killing cockroaches by freezing them, you should get a jar, some cockroach bait, and then try trapping the roach in the freezer. Place the closed jar inside the freezer and leave it alone for a few hours. When you return, the roach should be dead and frozen. 

Can I Use a Dryer to Kill Cockroaches? 

If you have a dryer in your home, that means you already have a heater set up and ready to use. In fact, your dryer can be used in numerous ways to kill cockroaches like using your dryer itself as a de-infester.  

Using the dryer is as simple as tossing a cockroach-infested item or pile of clothes inside your dryer and then placing it on high heat. Even on its lowest setting, your dryer is hot enough to kill any cockroaches inside, but high heat makes sure you get the job done.  

I will warn you that you should wash your clothes afterward given you should shake your clothes out and get rid of any left behind ligaments given you will probably have roach residue all over your clothes. I also strongly advise that you clean your dryer before your next use so that you do not get any roach legs on your sweaters!  

Another option you may want to consider is using the natural heat which radiates off the bottom of your dryer. Using the heat of your dryer can rid your home of pests. Just put some bait under your dryer, throw in your laundry, and let the heat work its magic! 

Go ahead and wait until the end of your clothing cycle and clean out the dead roaches! Keep in mind you may see some dead roaches popping up in the next few hours or days. The heat acts as an enhancer to any poison inside the bait and helps speed along the roach killing process! 

Can I Use an Entotherm Heat Treatment to Kill Cockroaches? 

Entotherm heat treatments from companies like Ehrlich are the only way to guarantee that all the cockroaches are removed with minimal disruption to your belongings!  

These heat treatments are easy and surprisingly quick. They are also efficient as they work to pinpoint infested items and dehydrate the roaches so they will not come back! Simply load your infested items into a heating pod and then let it heat to 140°F which is way over a cockroach’s heat tolerance! 

Surprisingly, these drastic heat methods are not expensive and are one of the most convenient options for mass disinfection. Many companies like Ehrlich and Rentokil are experts in performing these heat treatments! 

Cockroaches at night

Can I Use My Hot Car to Kill Cockroaches? 

Cockroaches rely on their external environment to stabilize their body temperatures which is why using the inside of a car on an increasingly warm day can kill roaches. 

Load your car full of cockroach-infested items that will not get damaged in the sunlight then park your car in direct sunlight with your windows rolled up and your sun shields down. Leave your car in the same spot for a few days without turning it on or moving it.  

Come back a few days later and the roaches should be dead. As long as the temperature rose suddenly enough that they were not able to acclimate!  

Since you are parking it in the sun, be sure all items that could suffer from sun damage have been removed from your car! The pesky roaches can be vacuumed up later, but sun damage is not reversible in most cases. 

Can I Use My Cold Car to Kill Cockroaches? 

Like cockroaches in hot cars, using cold cars to kill cockroaches is a frequent method for eliminating infestations. If the temperature naturally drops low enough naturally and will stay that way, you can try creating a chill box with your car by placing your items inside and leaving them there.  

After a few days, the cockroaches will have died, and you can bring all your items back inside roach-free! 

Can I Use a Space Heater to Kill Cockroaches? 

For centralized roach elimination, try using a space heater! Heat is effective at killing cockroaches and heaters do a great job zapping one region instantly which is crucial for delivering a shock to troublesome roaches! 

With space heaters, you can target the problem and they will not have enough time to adapt. There is a downfall, though. Space heaters can be very dangerous which is why you should be extra cautious if you use a space heater to kill cockroaches! 

In addition to all your space heater’s safety guidelines provided, here are some warnings to keep in mind when using a space heater to kill cockroaches: 

  • Do not leave your space heater on for long durations 
  • Always keep an eye on your space heater 

Space heaters can reach up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit which is well above the temperature cockroaches can survive. Put your space heater in the problem area and blast the infested area with intense heat for a short duration! 


At What Temperature Do Cockroaches Die? 

Cockroaches will die anywhere below 45 degrees Fahrenheit and begin to die at 115 degrees Fahrenheit.   

Why do I See More Cockroaches During Summer? 

Typically, roaches become more visible and active during the hotter, summer months because they are trying to find somewhere to cool off. Most often, this is the inside of your home! 

Can the Cold Kill Roaches? 

Cockroaches are cold-blooded animals which means they cannot control their body heat therefore the cold will most likely kill cockroaches if you make a temperature adjustment suddenly. 

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